Women, Be Healthy! Avoid HIV Risk Behaviors

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HIV - What Women Need to Know

HIV is a virus. Worldwide, this virus is the single largest killer of women of reproductive age.

Women, we cannot change the virus, BUT I can change my behavior and so can you! Join me in AVOIDING the following and help to end to this epidemic:

  • Having multiple sexual partners and having a partner who has multiple sexual partners

  • The high-risk behavior of anal intercourse

  • The high-risk behavior of sharing needles during drug use

For me, monogamy is a safe choice. A committed marriage reduces my risk and is worth waiting for. Please share this life-saving information, and look at the medical fact sheet below.

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Learn more about the dangers of having multiple sexual partners, anal sex, and sharing needles during drug use.

You deserve to know your HIV risks. Read and share the Medical Fact Sheet below.